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You can also buy the VHS video of the movie here.

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This is the only page devoted to Shakes the Clown. This page is (and probably will always be) under construction... not that I can find to time update it. Tough shit. If you have anything that you would like to see on this page, would like to mail a new copy of Shakes to make this page better, or would like to comment, please drop me an email.

And if you've never seen this movie.. go get a lot of alcohol and rent it. (If you can find it)

Waking up in your own vomit

The free ride in the dotmobile is over. Now that the Shakes page isn't government supported, this site has to fend for itself. Please help support it by buying a t-shirt from our host: Sorry to go all commercial on you, but we gotta buy our booze somehow.
This page is not about hating clowns and neither is Shakes. was just cool enough to step up and help me find this place a new home. You might thank 'em for it.

Buy the Shakes the Clown DVD at
You can also buy the VHS video of the movie here.

I found a page at that has a behind the scenes picture of the movie and some interesting facts about the stunt doubles.

I worked for Apple over the summer of '98. I noticed a California Lottery show that has Jack Gallagher as the host. He played Officer Crony. How bizarre.

Showing of Shakes the Clown

With a local drunk clown

Friday, March 20th, 1998 at the Grand Illiusion in Seattle. Everyone was drinking or drunk in the theater. I'll post an excerpt from the drunk clown's talk... some day.

Check this out!!

I talked to him. Yes, Bobcat Goldthwait himself. I was able to get into Jampac's party at a local club on October 9th, 1997. Here's a pic. Bobcat was it. I was lucky enough to catch him early on in the party, before the main show. He seemed amazed that there was actually a page for Shakes. One of the coolest things he said was that we would like to make a prequel. It would be about the elephant accident that killed Shakes father. Apparently Binky would be the cause of the accident. If anyone knows anyone important in Hollywood, let me know. We need to get this flick made! And Bobcat, if you happen to find this page, please drop me a line.

This site won the Bad Movie Site of the Week Award. I don't know if I should be offended or proud.

Normally I don't put up the random awards that this site gets. Most of them are lame ass promotions for other sites. Wait, all of them are lame ass promotions for other sites. But this one is hilarious. I got email saying this site was the "funniest". But it's on the FAMILY AND KIDS page at Planet Click. Wow, I didn't realize how wholesome and family oriented this page was.

Want a copy?
Chris Skaryd, told me that Ken Cranes Laserdisc carries Shakes on laserdisc in letterbox format for only $27.98. I grabed myself a copy to use on this page... not that I own a laserdisc player. Update: Apparently the last laser disc copy of Shakes has been sold from Ken Cranes, but Davis Video & Sound claims to be selling 'em for $19.95. Get 'em while the gettin's good.

Here's a direct link to an interview with Bobcat:

  • On directing another movie like Shakes: RealAudio
  • On making Shakes: RealAudio
    From the Syracuse NewTimeson Bobcat Goldthwait and Tom Kenny as masters of ceremonies, the 1996 Pilot Communications Syracuse Area Music Awards at the Landmark Theatre April 12 1996:
    "Bobcat Goldthwait puffed on a big cigar and discussed his career plans. "I've got two projects in the works--new scripts that I'd like to direct," he said. His first directorial effort, Shakes the Clown (1991), suffered dismal box office before being reborn as a cult favorite in video stores. "Palookaville {one of the settings for Shakes} was definitely modeled after Syracuse," Goldthwait admitted."

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