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You can also buy the VHS video of the movie here.
i hate clowns .com is hosting this little home page :-)

Public News rated Shakes as No. 41 of the top 100 movies of 1992.
Peter Buck calls the song 'Binky the Doormat' "the worst title of any song we've ever written".
An interview with Bobcat for The Onion.
Here's the transcript from Bobcat's appearance on Space Ghost.
Roger Ebert gave the movie two stars.
The guys at Stomp Tokyo didn't seem to appreciate it.
And Lon Ponschock recommends the flick.
While Deseret News called it a sick-joke twist on what we expect clowns to be.
I'm told Too Much Joy was the band that did the song at the credits. Supposedly they were also the inspiration for the movie.
Bobcat does the voice of Mr. Floppy on Unhappily Ever After.
Bobcat Bio
A cool Adam Sandler page
This page links Shakes the Clown to Mary Poppins. Fitting.
Balloon HQ
You may have seen "Binky the Doormat" on REM's latest album.
A Binky the Clown tribute page that gives a bit too much credit to Tom Kenny's performance.
A review in the Chicago Reader that isn't too flattering.
This review in the Deseret News rates the movie as "tasteless as they come".
A suggestion for Shakes to be on MSTK required a rebuttal.
This interview with Bobcat claims that the Twisted Baloon was based on a bar called Sam's.
The Official Florence Henderson Web Page actually admits she was in Shakes albeit very subtly.
The folks at The Stinkers rate Shakes as one of the top 100 worst movies of the Century. Ouch.
Wow, a favorable review by Apollo Leisure Guide.

...and a million 16-year-old girls' web pages devoted to Adam Sandler...